Unidram 2022
Aktuell | Thu 23. Mar from 17:00 h


Rauminstallation mit Figuren und Objekten für jeweils eine Person

Aktuell | Thu 23. Mar 20:00 h

The ceremony of weight

Visuelle Performance


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International Centre for Theatre Potsdam

T-Werk is a theatre association with its own theatre venue on the site of the Schiffbauergasse cultural centre in Potsdam. Music theatre, acting, mask and figure theatre belong to its programme together with concerts, readings and workshops. T-Werk’s repertoire is conceived so that it span generations. Within the 20 years of existing, T-Werk produced over 100 productions for children, teenager and adults.
Besides performances of its own productions, T-Werk offers other independent theatre groups the possibility to rehearse and present their work. Regular reciprocal guest productions on both a national and international level provide artistic stimulus and support the exchange between countries and states.
Some outstanding components of T-Werk’s programme are its annual festivals and events. Among these are UNIDRAM, the Lange Nacht der Freien Theater (Long Night of Independent Theatre), the Schirrhofnächte festival, which was initiated in 2014, and the WhatsArt workshop week.

T-Werk is a member of national and international organisations and umbrella organisations:

ASSITEJ International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People
EFFE Festivals for Europe

Landesverband Freier Theater Brandenburg
Kulturfeste im Land Brandenburg