Irrlichter der Nacht
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Don't we deserve grand human projects that give us meaning?

Visual theatre

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Gritos (Screams)

Visual theatre


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T-Werk & Theater NADI

Ghostly Lights of the Night (Irrlichter der Nacht)

Physical theatre (open air)

Poetic play-of-light theatre with illuminated baroque dresses, masks, dance and music. The ghostly gestures and movements of the dancers and the play of light and shadow transport the audience into a dreamlike, ethereal world.

Theater NADI is an ensemble of dancers and actors. Steffen Findeisen and the Japanese actress Noriko Seki have worked together since 2002. Using poetic gestures, ritualistic masks and sounds, narrative images and elements of dance, they create a bridge between Asia and Europe. The theatre has collaborated with T-Werk for many years, resulting in numerous co-productions.


How beautifully apparently contradictory elements can be combined is proven by Theater NADI beneath the glinting crescent moon in Irrlichter der Nacht. Steffen Findeisen and Noriko Seki – dressed in baroque women’s costumes – pull off a symbiosis of Frederick-the-Great baroque and movement art to create a wonderfully harmonious and mysterious new form of poetry. Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

Dancers: Steffen Findeisen, Noriko Seki
Costumes: Heather MacCrimmon
Set: Heide Schollähn
Sounds: Hanna Weissgerber
Director: Jens-Uwe Sprengel

Duration: 30 min

Foto: Andreas Kermann